37 Spring St, Eureka SpringsAR 72632, USA





     We came to Northwest Arkansas in 1974 from Minneapolis. Our first store was in Fayetteville; however, in 1975, we quickly resettled in Eureka Springs, when a space became available. We loved Eureka Springs and believed it to have great potential, which definitely needed to be developed.



     Eventually, the Life is Good brand became a big hit at Crazy Bone. It went over so well, that it became it's own store at a different location for about five years. Life Is Good returned to Crazy Bone as it's own department after the store expanded into the atrium, behind the original shop setting, and just below J. A. Nelson Gallery, which is now where you'll find many high end brands of men's apparel, accessories, and footwear.     

"We carry unique high quality merchandise for our unique high valued customers."

     Over 20 years ago, we opened Crazy Bone as a high-end Art and Craft Gallery in Eureka Springs. Browsing through this gallery, you 

later discovered that galleries do not normally own their own items so we gradually brought in other inventory such as footwear and leather products creating a younger version of Nelson Leather Company.

     Crazy Jake Nelson's Outlet began at 99 Spring Street at about the same time frame. The outlet offers the same brands as Crazy Bone & Nelson Leather Company, but at a CRAZY discount of 30% up to 70% off!     

     Over the last few years, more and more quality name brand clothing, bags, accessories, and even outdoor gear has filled our stores to create a favorite place to shop for MANY locals and visitors in Eureka Springs. "Life is Good" here!

     We stand behind what we sell. "We carry unique high quality merchandise for our unique high valued customers" says owner, Jim Nelson. We carry a large inventory year round with a friendly, fun,  

     Our next chapter is now! All three of our stores have merged together to become bigger and better to conveniently offer, by far, more products than any other store in town. We began our move in mid-February to complete the move by March 1st of 2015 and are now all in one big building, at 37 Spring Street in Eureka Springs. We are now "NELSON'S"!

informative staff who is ready to assist you.  We could have been a chain; however, we chose otherwise. We decided to focus on what we do best, creating an entertaining and fulfilling shopping destination for our Eureka Springs visitors and locals. Much of our business comes from satisfied repeat customers. We enjoy talking with you when you visit our shop and want you to know that we deeply appreciate your continuing support. YOU are why we are still doing this!

     Not only are we a fun and friendly group, we also do our best to be as informative as possible. We do our homework to have as much knowledge of our products as we possibly can. The majority of our staff has been with the company for years giving our wonderful team the necessary know-how to make your shopping  experience easy, convenient, and enjoyable.



We carry only good high quality products. Many of these brands are favored all over the world.

The variety includes: 

Antieau, A.J. Morgan, Akubra, Anza, Bedstu, Big Star, Black Sheep, Born, Bradshaw, B & S Trading, Chaco, Clarks, Curvature, Cushe, Dorfman, Drover House, Eno, Fossil, Free People, Grace, Henschel, Invisibelt, The Art of J.A. Nelson, K. Hall, Kavu, Keen, Life Is Good, Lucky Brand, Maruca, Mask Parade, Merrell, M. Rena, Natural Life, Nixon, Old Gringo, Osgood Marley, Others Follow, Pro-Tech, Sanctuary, Sanuk, Smartwool, Stacy Adams, Sunstrider, S'Well, Syd, Tilley, Toms, Van Hee, Wilco, William Henry, Yellowbox, and MORE!

     34 Spring St is our third location in Eureka Springs, and we've been in this location for 30 years. Visually, this shop bears little resemblance to our starting point; however, our formula for success, for each location, has remained the same.

would see a variety of ceramics, glass, jewelry, candles, and art from Wholesale markets and American Craft Council shows. It was 

     The original Nelson Leather Eureka site was one room without a bathroom, heat, air conditioning, or water; just lights and selling space. Back then, we made the majority of our leather goods, specializing in hand-tooled belts, purses, hats, and caps. We gradually supplemented our stock with high profile brands that you recognize and love.